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bees on pink flowers

Dr. Arathi Seshadri, Assistant Professor

I am a pollination biologist interested in plant-pollinator mutualisms. With broad research background including a combination of evolutionary ecology, plant reproductive ecology, pollination biology, ecosystem functions, biodiversity and insect social evolution, projects in my lab focus on basic and applied aspects of plant-pollinator interactions, phytochemicals and their role in honey bee health, bee pollinator diversity in agroecosystems and urban areas as bee diversity hot spots.

Lisa Mason, MS Student, Entomology

I graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in forest biology and performing arts. This combination of degrees lead me to the outreach forester position in the Colorado State Forest Service. I have been with the CSFS for eight years educating diverse audiences about forestry issues, and providing outreach services to Colorado’s citizens. I currently manage the CSFS publications program. I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in entomology studying bee diversity in urban areas using citizen science. I am looking at efficacy in citizen science for long-term pollinator monitoring. I am also studying bee species diversity in inner-city areas compared to natural areas and the edges of cities. I aspire to strengthen pollinator conservation protocols and disseminate my research findings through public education and citizen science. In my spare time, I volunteer for the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program and fundraise for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. Learn more about my graduate project here.

Colton O’BrienBS Soil and Crop Sciences, Genetics

I am a senior in the Soil and Crop Sciences department, studying plant biotechnology, genetics, and breeding with a minor in mandarin. I find insects fascinating but I gravitated towards bees because of their important role in plant pollination and the various ways that apiculture and native bee populations influence agricultural crop production and vice versa. In my free time I love nerding out about worms, learning about other cultures, and working out.

Conor KimballBS Biology, Entomology

I have long been fascinated by the smaller creatures of the world, particularly insects.  I am primarily interested in the advanced cooperation and social organization demonstrated by these organisms, but have lately also been captivated by the myriad possibilities they present for improving the sustainability of our own societies.  I cultivate many captive colonies of insects at home (I am especially fond of ants), along with other arthropods and some plants.  In recent years, I have also been involved in entrepreneurial endeavors.  In 2016, a study I conducted on the colony structure of the local ant species, Tapinoma sessile, was accepted for publication by Entomological News.

Past Members

Maggie Schappell (2017) Programming an Arduino Uno device to count foraging activity of bees

Angela Mei (BS 2015) Variation in male reproductive functions and fertilization success under abiotic stress in Collinsia heterophylla.

Tyler Smith (BS 2014) Plasticity in reproductive functions under abiotic stress in Collinsia heterophylla.

Samuel Mudd (BS 2012) . Image analysis protocol for detecting and counting viable and inviable pollen grains. Journal of Plant Studies 1: 158-167

Rachael Jorgensen (BS 2012) Floral longevity under water stress and variable pollination schedule in Collinsia heterophylla.  Annals of Botany: 112(5):821-828

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